Risk Management Insurance

Lonnie Garcia joined our agency as a Workers’ Compensation and Risk Management Insurance specialist after 30+ years with Pinnacol Assurance. His experience in property and casualty insurance are an invaluable resource for our clients. Lonnie will:

  • Review claims for trends or hazards. Work with carriers to address trends from a loss control standpoint.
  • Implement/review safety program.
  • Manage use of deductibles for client.
  • Screen potential job candidates.
  • Schedule quarterly meetings with clients, Bradley Insurance Group and carrier.
  • Manage experience modification factor.
  • Facilitate Cost Containment Certification.
  • Schedule independent nurse to track lost time claims over $5,000 total reserves for fraud, medical cost savings and return to work strategies.

What is Risk Management Insurance?

Risk management insurance is a policy purchased by companies to help limit financial exposure.

The activities a company engages in (like construction, distribution, manufacturing, etc.) usually introduce some financial risk to the company. While attempts to lower these risks will limit their financial exposure, it’s nearly impossible to reduce your risk to zero. Any further risk is then insured to offset financial exposure. In the event that a mishap occurs, financial recovery will be helped by the insurer.

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